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February 24, 2013

Where’s “This Old Nerd” Now?

A lot of folks have been asking, “Hey! Where’s ‘This Old Nerd?'” The show is pretty much over, but it lives on in spirit at as “Know How…:.

If you didn’t know I got a gig at and now do a tech how-to show with Leo Laporte entitled “Know How…

I encourage all of you to come over to watch our episodes. Thank you for your support! We record live every Thursday starting at 3PM Pacific. Join us and the chat room as we put together a fun project every week.

Update (12/25/2013): Well that was a good run. I’m taking a position at CNET in January of 2014. What does that mean for this show? We’ll see. Hang tight.

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September 25, 2011

Home Theater Components: The Epic Setup

Last time, we wall mounted our television. This time, find out what components power our home theater. Come join us for our season finale!

Download: HD (m4v) | HD (mp4) | SD (mp4) | Tiny (mp4)

September 1, 2011

Wall mounting a flat-panel TV

Time to get the home theater re-started! The #1 thing on our list was wall mounting our new HDTV. However, we got a couple of professionals to install the TV and give us some insights on what you should know if you want to attempt this yourself.

Download: HD (m4v) | HD (mp4) | SD (mp4) | Tiny (mp4)

Note: Other downloadable versions are coming soon. Changes to our preferred hosting services will delay downloads of the HD (mp4) and SD versions.

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