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February 6, 2011

014: Front-Ends: What I Actually Use

After our front-end series, I wanted to show you what I actually use from day to day. This was originally planned to be an online exclusive, but we wanted all of you to watch.

We’ve got 2 more season 1 episodes left. Season 2 is in the works (it’s a long story).

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  • Marc

    I tried to get my Xbox to play my movies from my mac using Connect360 but all it says is the “file can’t be played because the formate may not be supported.” Any suggestions?

  • Joe Widi

    I use the same setup, XBOX360 as media center extender, works like a charm, get all kinds of content on it with PlayOn & Tubecore. We even cut our cable. My wife likes it too :)

  • Lance Hirdler

    i use a similar setup I have a windows media home server and there is an add on to the server that will pull in recorded tv/movies . i have a pc with Hauppauge tuner card to catch over the air tv syncing media pc through the 360 is easy for my wife to use for me XBMC and Boxee works great for watching video in other formats .

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