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September 30, 2010

04: Installing a home gym entertainment center

So you’re getting older and you need to stay in shape. However, certain exercises can be very boring. Today’s episode shows you how to install an entertainment center in your home gym. We cover mounting a monitor to a wall, work arounds for connecting devices, building your brain power and more.

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  • Matt Burley

    Fun episode!

    Are there any advantages of using your K World system to using a cable like ? I use that type of cable to connect to mine and that works well (plus it does it in HD – I assume your solution doesn’t as it uses the composite cables).

  • JG

    Great inspiration. Off to take my “before” picture.

  • iyaz

    @Matt – no advantage with he KWorld system. I just happened to have the KWorld adapter sitting around. If I was buying new, I would probably go with your system.

  • Unclebigbad

    Dearest iYaz,
    My mother in law wants to ditch cable. She would like me to find her a way to do this. With the Christmas season fast approaching what should i buy? Apple tv? google tv? Roku? Boxee Box? whats the best for now and has the most upgrade potential?


    • iyaz

      In episode 5we tried to get rid of cable, but we’ll have to try again. Stay tuned.

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