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December 4, 2010

12: Front-ends for your media server: Video Game Systems

Find out how to access your media server using your XBox 360 and Sony PS3. It’s actually easier than you think. Sit back and enjoy our final installment of our front-end series. Next week, something completely different.

Download: HD (mp4) | HD (m4v) | SD (mp4) | Tiny (mp4)

  • David O. Polanco

    Great episode, thanks Iyaz!

    • This Old Nerd

      Glad you liked it!

  • Drew

    Fantastic episode, though I personally go through Video Library on my 360. My wireless network, for whatever reason, isn’t strong enough to pump through Media Center, but Video Library works just the same (for me).

    Question, though: Do you know how to get folder art to show up using Video Library (or browsing through the same way on the PS3)? That’s one thing that’s really been bugging me and I would love to be able to figure it out.

    • This Old Nerd

      For folder art, I suggest using the MyMovies plugin. It will grab all the art for you:

  • Edson

    Great episode, I had forgotten about the Tversity option, will be looking into that again soon.

    • This Old Nerd

      Did you try TVersity? How did it go?

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