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July 21, 2011

Access your home media server from anywhere

We built a home media server with our movies and music, but we wanted to access that content everywhere. So, we tried out a whole bunch of services like ZumoCast, Air Video, Audiogalaxy, and Orb. Find out which ones worked best for us.

Download: HD (mp4)| HD (m4v) | SD (mp4) | Tiny (mp4)

  • Johnny Michaels

    Nice Work Iyaz….

  • Ant

    tversity and ampache are ones that i’ve used. ampache is Linux friendly.

    • This Old Nerd

      I didn’t know that TVersity could stream over the internet. This is the first time I’ve heard of ampache. I’ll give them a go – maybe do an update sometime. Thanks for the info, Ant!

  • Kevin

    Informative show…I’ll check out  Zumocast, but I’m not too sure about keeping my computer on all the time.

  • David Polanco

    Thanks Iyaz – Take a look at Tonido: I’ve been using them for sometime now. Great stuff!

    • This Old Nerd

      We’re doing another episode on “Rolling your own cloud,” which Tonido is likely to be a part of. Thanks for the tip. 

  • David Zhao

    Great show! Just to point out a correction: ZumoCast actually does transcode your videos on the fly. Let us know if you are seeing any issues in particular:

    Even though it’s only for Motorola Android today, we are working to bringing it back on other mobile platforms in the coming months.Disclaimer: I work for ZumoCast/Motorola

    • This Old Nerd

      Thanks for that correction – I’ll give it another go and then include a correction in the future. It’s also great news to hear that ZumoCast will expand its mobile presence. 

  • Anonymous

    Three words:


    Can you guess what I use? 

    Plays audio and video, transcodes formats, podcast manager, web app, iOS app, Android app, Adobe Air client, native Mac app, and more. A larger investment than the other options, but from what I’ve found it works the best.

  • GG98

    I want to suggest you also take a look at Pogoplus. It would be nice to see how it compares.

  • Erick Worrell

    Hi! I am a Network Engineer and another kindred “old nerd” in my 20s. I have been tinkering with the home media server system for quite awhile now and finally got things the way I like it. I’m running two different streamers on my Mac mini Server: Plex and StreamToMe. StreamToMe knocks out the Macs in the family the easiest because I can simply browse file structure, and Plex streams to my AppleTVs (Jailbroken and running the Plex thin client) flawlessly. Klexi for iOS ($5.99) also lets me download media from my Plex library (converts then downloads, like AirVideo) for offline viewing (perfect for the treadmill). This is my first time seeing This Old Nerd, but I’m glad to know there’s somebody out there just like me who’s tinkering with this stuff and trying to keep his wife from killing him :-). Looking forward to more.

    • NerdGrl

      Erick, you mention plex. were you able to stream it to computers or IOS outside your home network?

  • NerdGrl

    Iyaz, have you checked out being able to stream movies using Plex? I got it after you showed me how to create a media server and Im wondering if you can stream it or if you’ve tried. Please let me know because I fell in love with Plex and like it settings
    ~ lilcaptain the nerdgirl

  • Rfortier

    You never mentioned if Air Video could stream through the web…. I’m just looking for the best option to stream my media through the web(not phones). Good show though!

  • Anonymous

     I love everything about you and the ways of  thisoldnerd. Can you tell me what kind of degree I need to know all this cool stuff. I’m very tech savvy but I would love to back it up with a degree. Thanks

    • John Drach

      You would probably want to start looking into a degree for IT

  • GreensterDesign

    No Linux Love? Have a home media server running on a small linux box, was looking for a way to get the media outside the home (safe & secure) but this episode only mentions Mac & Windows… back to Google searching.

    Note: Could “up” your show if you actually went into more details about things; ie: how to set up each application. You basically just give a general overview of everything… The world needs a new “Call For Help” type show/v-podcast. (damn TechTV [G4TV or whatever it is now] to hell for conforming and removing all great tech shows)

  • Benjamin

    I really enjoyed the show about your home media setup and have something similar. I have a plex server running on a mac mini in a back closet which all the tv’s, home theater, and all laptops and computer hook up to. It is awesome and have streamed content from within the house and as well as outside. Wanted to know if you had any suggestions for backing up a home media server other than time machine. I like time machine but think it is too simply at times and how it places things into a dmg file. I’ve used carbon copy cloner also in the past but wanted to know if you had any thoughts.

  • Ant Media Server

    Thanks Iyaz! Good Job! :)

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