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February 24, 2013

Where’s “This Old Nerd” Now?

A lot of folks have been asking, “Hey! Where’s ‘This Old Nerd?'” The show is pretty much over, but it lives on in spirit at as “Know How…:.

If you didn’t know I got a gig at and now do a tech how-to show with Leo Laporte entitled “Know How…

I encourage all of you to come over to watch our episodes. Thank you for your support! We record live every Thursday starting at 3PM Pacific. Join us and the chat room as we put together a fun project every week.

Update (12/25/2013): Well that was a good run. I’m taking a position at CNET in January of 2014. What does that mean for this show? We’ll see. Hang tight.

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  • Michael Tran

    do you know how to fix a belkin router

  • Julio

    perfect timing! i just found your channel on youtube and noticed the shows ended a while ago. Started checking out your episodes, but i enjoy your original videos a lot more. Good luck and hope to see more episodes

  • Simon

    Just found your show and watched all your videos, so hopefully you will start up again :-)

  • Hari Krishnan

    Dear Iyaz if you are reading this, I just want you to know that I loved watching your own videos. Though the Twit Know How videos are good, they aren’t deep enough, like the ones you did. I just want you to come back and make some videos here as “ThisOldNerd”. Thankyou. 😀

  • frnknstiin

    TwiT didn’t do you justice. I hated that show for you! Best wishes for you in Cnet!

  • Steve

    Please come back! I miss this old nerd :(

  • Collin

    Please come back I love this old nerd

  • Dave

    Please do more shows. I could watch know how do to the fact that Leo always interrupted what you where trying to explain

    • Dave


  • Paul F

    Awesome, Glad you found a new job. I love your old nerd and Twit stuff. hope things go well for ya bro! Maybe do some new Old Nerd stuff again someday!

  • 166mhz

    leave CNET .. nobody watches them anyways .. get back to your own thing and make your own money .. stop relying on companies for income … be a man —
    man up ..

  • Rebecca Day Edgar

    I wishes buy home network setup for my computer and laptop, smartphone.

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