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August 17, 2011

Fitness Technology

Being a nerd, old or young, requires you to put yourself in some weird positions. We’ve been in cramped attics, under desks, roofs and all kinds of places and that requires some fitness. Today we took a look at some low tech solutions that work best for us.

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  • Dustin Shempf

    huge P90 fan myself; I hear insanity is also good but I am not the cardio fan

  • Anonymous

    Another great episode, and you said something so true that’s one of the top things to remember when podcasting “Life gets in the way”.  Take your time getting these eps out.  Enjoy your family.

  • Anonymous

    Good on ya, Iyaz. I was the same weight a few years ago, 215. Sitting at a much healthier and much more fit 175 today. 

    I thought from the title the episode was going to be more about tech tools you can use to track your fitness (maybe another episode?), nevertheless, a good show. And with a three and a half year old daughter, I can vouch for the benefits of being in better shape. 

    • This Old Nerd

      I’m not a metrics person with fitness, but that is definitely a good idea. I’ll see if we can get some review units of tracking devices. 

  • Bart C

    Nice Post!  If you are looking a really kick butt work out regime, I would heartily recommend You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren.  The only equipment that you need is a pull up bar. 

  • David Polanco

    What does this episode have to do with technology! Ha, just kidding bud. How’s my dad life? Great! Iyaz post what you have in this episode in the Nerd Store, I will pick up a few items using your ref. Keep up the great work, and as a dad myself and an IT Manager it is so true! You have to be fit in IT.  Trying lifting a Dell PowerEdge T310 server and assembling a rack. You will lose your breath!

  • Daevien

    There is also YRG ( ) which is what the ex-wrestler Diamond Dallas Page used and refined to bring him back from a career ending injury and then win the title. Now he does YRG and speaking and stuff and still in great shape. And all with YRG which needs no equipment except for a yoga mat, which you already have, if you can get it back from the munchkin anyway :)

  • James Walker

    Still waiting on the next epsiode??? Still have production issues (little man craming your style) he ha

  • Jeff Fluckiger

    I applaud you for making your show a “family affair”–in the real world, stuff happens and things get delayed. Still, all those non-parents are missing out. Keep on truckin.

  • Chris Rodriguez

    hey there i have forever been interested in making a server for background rendering for programs like zbrush blender and daz 3d but i dont have 6 grand for the muscle needed to really get some of the fine detail work that i like what do you recomend 

  • Elmer H. Clavijo

    I recently watched some
    of your videos on YouTube, I love it!. Nice stuff keep up the good work!

  • Sam J

    guys u must see his, how 20 years of cellulite almost all gone in less than a month –

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