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July 7, 2011

Get free HDTV using an over-the-air antenna

We’re in a brand new house, so we’ve got to start all over again. This time, we’re sticking to our cord cutting ways by installing a new over-the-air antenna using some old and new tricks.

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  • Unclebigbad

    yet again another great ep sir. I dont think you are an idiot 😉 .

  • David Polanco

    Sounds awesome, too bad I live in a condominium and I won’t be able to mount the ota antenna. Nice hack tho!

    • ratz2

      You can always use a bedroom and put it on a stand :)  Lol
      That’s what I did.

      • David Polanco

        True – If I were still single and the P.A.R. did not kick in. 😀

  • Darren

    Great episode, and glad to see you posting again.  I wish I had a attic.  I live in a apartment and I’m a ham radio nut, but it’s hard to find space for a antenna.  Still trying to figure that one out. : )  Hope you’re enjoying your new home. 

  • Goodbar

    I may be building a new house, any chance we could get an episode on structured wiring, running CAT6 & even RG6 to each room and having a server closet of some sort in a central location to house any routers/switches?  Maybe even setting up a front door security camera and feeding the video to your TV thru media center? 

    • This Old Nerd

      I would love to do an ep on structured wiring, but that’s a limitation of my own home right now. We are working on the wired home network ep right now. As for the security camera idea – we hadn’t thought of that. Hm…

  • ratz2

    Thanks the website recommendation is great! 
    I have a outdoor antenna in one of my bedrooms because I’m in an apartment :)  Lol
    Put the cable through the heat/air run. Ghetto but it works and the antenna has a remote for direction change from the couch.

  • Mike

    Just curious, if I was to hook the coax from the antenna into a slingbox (which I don’t have right now) then connect the slingbox to my network. Could I potentially have HDTV over Ethernet?

    • This Old Nerd

      That would require the Slingbox to have a TV tuner built-in which I don’t believe it does. You could get a TV tuner box, then attach that to the Slingbox to access TV. Whether you’ll have HD video is a whole other argument.

      • Mike

        I think the more expensive Slingbox – does have a tuner built in. I could be reading the spec’s wrong. I’m assuming this is considered a digital antenna.

        • Mike

          PS: I was looking on your amazon store for the purple rated antenna which was used in the video. 2 questions will it be available in your store, and where you affected by the amazon affiliate program (CA tax issue) with amazon?

          • This Old Nerd

            I’ve got to update the store selection. That is totally my fault – and yup, now that I’m in California, so long affiliate program. 

        • This Old Nerd

          Mike, I think you’re right! I must have missed this particular Slingbox. Very cool – thanks for the link. 

  • Gcat Flyer

    On the Slingbox issue-  it almost works….  my slingbox is located near the city but NO tuner so I bought a digital tuner and fed it in… great reception BUT, Slingbox doesn’t support my remote (RCA Brand) so I can not change channels   :-(  –  So now after getting a Slingbox and a digital tuner I am going back to looking at a long range attenna…your video was very encouraging that this will work. One question… I am south east of you, the guides call for a medium range for me but I need to set my direction for 217 for most channels and 210 for NBC, If I get a longer range, do you think it would make up for the 7 degrees of separation?

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