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September 25, 2011

Home Theater Components: The Epic Setup

Last time, we wall mounted our television. This time, find out what components power our home theater. Come join us for our season finale!

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  • Roger Pico

    Why not turn a negative into a positive?  You could set up some sort keenly placed braces that would both hold the back  together and act as cable management.  I’m just like you trying to set up my Home Theater.  I use a wire frame that I bundle and velcro my cables to.  It makes it look neat and clean.  

    • This Old Nerd

      That’s definitely a good idea. When that was recorded, we were still testing things out. I think we’ll move the Drobo to a lower location because it seems affected by the heat as well. Once I’m satisfied with the placement of the components, then I’ll go through the semi-permanent cable wrangling. 

  • Michael Lefebvre

    All those wires… so beautiful. :)

  • Mrfixsimmons

    Love the show. Thanks for another great season. Had an idea for a show for next season: Surge protection – not just powered components, but also protecting phone/ethernet lines from power/lightning surges. 

  • christopher rizzo

    Great show. 

  • Eric Schultheiss

    I’m thinking of buying a Harmony One remote. Do you know if it will work with the “Sony Internet TV + Blu-ray Disc Player” (the Sony version of the Google TV box).  It uses RF and supports IP remotes.  The Harmony One only does IR, right?

  • Dan Linder

    Search “spiral wrap” on Amazon under Electronics and you’ll get some good ideas to use.  They can be black or nearly any other color, plus they are a thicker plastic so they will protect the wires from the sharp edges of the X-brace.

    On that note, I’d suggest getting a Dremel rotary tool with a few grinding wheels.  It won’t replace a bench grinder, but it is great when you have just a small bit to grind and make smooth.  Also excellent for modifying a plastic or thin metal computer case.  (And a small set will still fit in a tool box.)

    Dan Linder on Google+

  • AJ

    Accidently found your show when looking for network solution and now a fan. Love the show, given me a some greats ideas and solution. 

    i haven’t seen any more post since September, have you gone somewhere else or given up posting.

    hope you come back and carry on the great work

  • jason howe

     i would recest the speakers into he wall unless the home  was a rental

  • Non-of-your-business

    Better if you kept it a little more updated

  • Anonymous

    I found you on YouTube and I’ve been hooked. Any new episodes in the pipeline?

  • Anonymous

    Hi therre I have se you on youtube an this is great,I have som problem to instal my Home Ttheater systhem, the tin is I wil to use one box for the hole hose but with the system you have that i can see the tv in HDMI, can you show me som instalation diagram to do this?The youtubne vedeo are great. I need HELP hahhahah pleas.

  • Todd

    I had the same kind of setup several yrs ago.  It was a pain to keep clean and to do work on.  On top of that it was LOUD!  xBox, etc.. Finally I bit the bullet and moved everything to a different part of the house (unfinished side) and ran the corresponding cables (speaker and a long hdmi feed).  Moving all the components out of the living room was HUGE for the P.A.R rating.  

    I had everything controlled with the same remote but hated the IR repeaters, wires, etc.. Now I have switched to irule and use my ipad, ipod touch as the remote.  It was an AMAZING upgrade.  I purchased a Global Cache IR/Wifi Gateway and the setup was very easy.  I can now build my own remotes and it’s on a nice touchpad.  In addition, you may be surprised of all the components that you can control via wifi nowadays.

  • Joshua Alexander Ressler

    are you ever going to make any more videos?

  • Garymward33

    quick question, in a rural setting where i can only get internet thru sat. does Cat 6 make a difference over cat5….knowing the ineternet sat is slow.

  • Dar Morrow

    Nicely done. I’m moving the cable modem into the living room after watching this. Actually, I’m thinking of moving the whole computer setup into a cabinet and using the tv for a monitor. I’ll move the 21″ gateway monitor to the bedroom and hook it up to the old laptop. :) awesome.

  • hi


  • stephen jang

    good store

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