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October 28, 2010

Special: Cutting Cable TV Parts I and II

Just got a plug on Cnet’s “Buzz Out Loud.” If you’re looking for our Cutting Cable TV episodes, here they are in one playlist.

In Part I, we show you the basics and then run into equipment problems. In Part II we achieve success! (Big thanks to Donald Bell!)

Links to the individual eps (with download links)
Cutting Cable TV Part I | Cutting Cable TV Part II

  • Ceveret3

    Great video. I really like the information but I have one question. What do you think is the best way to get hulu desktop on a xbox media center? I know there is tha playon service but I was wondering is there any free plug in’s that you know of?

  • Chris

    Thanks Iyaz for pointing me to the HD Home Run tuner. It works great. My family and I are digging it bunches.

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