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September 1, 2011

Wall mounting a flat-panel TV

Time to get the home theater re-started! The #1 thing on our list was wall mounting our new HDTV. However, we got a couple of professionals to install the TV and give us some insights on what you should know if you want to attempt this yourself.

Download: HD (m4v) | HD (mp4) | SD (mp4) | Tiny (mp4)

Note: Other downloadable versions are coming soon. Changes to our preferred hosting services will delay downloads of the HD (mp4) and SD versions.

  • Aaron Peterson

    Great instructions for the installation of a flat panel Tv. The only thing I will suggest is the importance of choosing a quality mount for a competitive price. Check out for a good selection of VESA approved flat screen wall mounts. Mounts for any unique mounting situation you may be in.

  • Steve Clark

    I have enjoyed and learned from This Old Nerd. I prefer to watch Podcasts on my Apple TV, but on yours, the description shows up as a few lines of HTML code, and it never loads the video. There may be a missing bracket or something. I have to go to YouTube or on-line, but prefer the Apple TV. Thank you for checking on this.

  • Tim

    Nice to see a couple professionals put up a piece of technology the right way.  Appreciate it. And sorry for giving you flak.

  • Mkedgewater

    cool videos but he DOES NOT return any emails or respond on the videos
    I wonder if anything is wrong  maybe his little boy wanted to be the camera man and broke it  :(  hope not

  • Guest

    I bought a wall mount from Amazon for $15 and mounted my 47″ tv on the wall, basically by myself.  My boyfriend only helped me with the last step on hooking it on the wall because he was too lazy to help me. All I needed was an electric drill, a level, a wratchet, a stud finder, and a pencil.  And it looks perfect.

  • Michael

    He is a pro but… doesn’t have a nice stud finder. He does all that taping to find studs only to miss and use a molly and hang a TV on nothing but drywall. I hope it is still hanging. Make sure its in a stud at all times. drywall isn’t going to hold much more then a picture.

  • torbar

    Wow, I had no idea TVs were so thin now.  I just mounted a new to me 37″ LCD TV(originally from about 2006), and that looked so much easier to do for the simple fact that it looks alot lighter and thinner

  • Offdare

    Yes, I’m worry about the wall to hang a TV like this, maybe you should put it on a table…

  • Lfoot22

    The installer got the black bolt stand offs reveresed on the the two vesa brackets.  The black hard plastic gromets are supposed to be next to the tv so that the brackets do not touch the tv. I would also agree with Michael that you should not hang your tv by molly’s.  Those large lag bolts are to go into a stud. 

  • Molds98

    Has a new show Know How.. on TWIT.

  • Cole

    Hi, I hope you can help me in my project..

    I want to build a media server for a hotel.. basically make a connection from the movie server to the supply to all 30 rooms. So, any guest in his/her room can choose what to watch on TV coming from the Movie library server.

    Please help me on how to go about it..


  • Kyle Fannin

    So, with the home media server… You said no keyboard and mouse in your living room so, how do you controlle the plex server on the Mac mini. Also, how is this all configure? DROBO isUSB into the Mac and Mac is HDMI into the TV?

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