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August 6, 2011

Wirelessly sync photos & videos with an iOS device without iCloud

Live and learn. My wife almost lost all of her pictures of our kid due to a lack of syncing her iPhone. So, since she’s married to “This Old Nerd,” we fixed it and made it an episode. Learn how to wirelessly sync your photos and videos before iOS 5 is officially released.

Download: HD (mp4) | HD (m4v) | SD (mp4) | SD (tiny)

  • Buffalocalf

    If you own a Synology NAS server (witch is the best one ;)) you can download their app for androidid for free witch can do the same. Plus you own your very own cloud right in your home accessible from anywhere.

  • David Polanco

    Very cool, I hate to be the Tonido fan boy…but Tonido can do this as well for both iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. PhotoSync seems to be an easy way for anyone to use though. Thanks Iyaz.

  • James Walker

    What gives? I like this espisode but you have not posted a new one in over 10 days?

    • This Old Nerd

      Unfortunately, we’ve hit a delay and should have an episode out by the end of the work week. Thanks for watching.

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